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Thank you

so much for the purchase

of the

OneNote Masterclass Planner

I promise,

(1) ….that you’ve never worked with such a OneNote notebook before

… and…

(2)….the OneNote Masterclass Planer will help you with your organization in/with OneNote!


A freely adaptable, expandable planner that can be connected to YOUR OneNote content,
that doesn’t limit you like traditional PDF planners,
but where YOU organize your content,
just the way you want it.

Learn how to download and install the planner right here!

Choose your OneNote platform!

Windows App

Download OneNote package and install it

If you’re using the OneNote App in Windows (that one that comes with the Office Package), you can download and install the planner from a OneNote package file.

(65 MB) 

Save OneNote Notebook to the cloud

Do you now want to save the planner in the cloud (= OneDrive or OneDrive for Business) and synchronize the planner to other devices/platforms, then proceed as follows:

Video abspielen

You can install it with just a Double-Click on the OneNote package file, choose your file destination, you can rename the planner, and you are ready to go

Video abspielen

If you change the file location to your OneDrive (for Business) it will take a while to sync the planner to the new file destination, but then you can access it from all other OneNote Apps via “open notebook”.

You can download the Planner from 2022-23 ⬇️here!

OneNote for Windows 10

Mac + iPad + iPhone


STEP 1: Download Planer as OneNote-ZIP-file

Download the following ZIP-file to your PC

STEP 2: Import online with OneNote-Importer

Open the OneNote online importer via the following link, log in with your private Microsoft account* and import the unzipped folder (!)

*if you don’t have a Microsoft private account, you can create one 🔗here for free.

Video abspielen

You will find more information about the OneNote Importer 🔗here

After successful import, you will find the planner stored on your OneDrive.

SCHRITT 3: Open Notebook in OneNote App

Video abspielen


1️⃣ visit www.onenote.com and sign with your private Microsoft-ID.

2️⃣ open this Link (OneNote Masterclass Planner in read-only mode)

3️⃣ select “Edit – open in desktop app”. The OneNote app opens and the template is synced to your device.

IMPORTANT: wait for the complete synchronization of the template notebook

▶️ Create a completely new notebook in the OneNote app (or take an existing one and copy section by section from the template notebook to your notebook after successful synchronization)

I wish you all the best, success and joy with the OneNote Masterclass Planner

English contact form

I would love to see how you use the #OneNoteMasterclass Planner. So feel free to post a screenshot to social media with the hashtag #OneNoteMasterclass. I am gladly giving away some OneNote Masterclass Swag and “Goodies”!



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